About Rory

Rory McCarthy

Bachelor of Software Engineering
Diploma in Film & Television Production

Accreditation in progress:


Brief Work History:

Hospitality (5 years)
IT Support (6 years)
Game Development (6 years)

Rory is an ADHD/Autism & Life coach who specialises in helping clients develop strategies that they know will work for them.

Rory trained through the ADHD Coaching Academy (ADDCA.com) and is in the process of gaining accreditation through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC).

Rory understands the challenges of ADHD & Autism from a lived experience and research perspective gaining many insights over his years of research in order to better understand his own neurology.

Rory enjoys helping people attain their potential through discovering their own strengths and working around their limitations in order to attain a life where they are flourishing.

Rory has experience working in corporate environments, tertiary education, game development, film and television, and hospitality – giving him a large pool of experience to draw from.

Certified ADHD Coach Training Program and Courses | ADD Coach Academy

“You’re probably one of the most impactful people I’ve found to learn to cope with / understand Autism/ADHD”


PO Box 7
Waipu, Northland 0545
New Zealand