“Rory is obviously committed to learning and understanding in pursuit of his own eudiamonic wellbeing, always with a mind to help and support others. In the process of learning about himself and neurodivergence, he has time and again proven himself to be able to communicate his knowledge and understanding, cutting through the mass of academic and lay literature to share his insights efficiently and effectively in ways that have been beneficial to me. He has helped me better understand and communicate with close neurodivergent family members and make progress towards smoother relationships with them much faster than would have been possible without him. I thoroughly recommend exploring how you might be able to work with him.” – Alan

“Rory helped me to understand more about how ADHD informs my life, especially when it comes to the more complicated intersections with Autism, mental health and trauma. They’re a wonderful advocate for Neurodiversity and anyone would be lucky to have them as a coach.” – Geraint

“After being diagnosed with ADHD at 37, I’ve started to understand why I’ve always struggled with emotional regulation. When I felt like I was teetering on the edge of crisis, I reached out to Rory because his story resonated with me. Rory understood what I was going through better than I did myself, and he was able to lend some much needed clarity to my issues. When the world often makes me feel like I don’t belong, Rory welcomed me with open arms and helped immensely.” – Alex

“Rory has consistently taught me different concepts on ADHD that I have not already come across. Rory has an incredible knack in finding things that I would have never even thought about. Rory’s intuition is off the wall in the way that they find different connections between ideas.” – Jake

“Rory helped me understand more about ADHD and how it affects me, how it affects everything and has help me understand why life has always seem hard.” – Matt

“Rory is one of the most impactful people I’ve found to learn to cope with / understand ADHD/Autism.” – Tanguy