What is Coaching?

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Coaching is a client-focused approach that allows a coach and client to work together in partnership to identify unique strengths, talents, and discover their good qualities in order to live a fulfilling life or overcome difficult obstacles. Coaches help their clients understand themselves and to achieve a better future with goal oriented, uniquely client focused methods that respect autonomy.

Coaches are there to work WITH clients and not FOR clients – the best way that a coaching relationship works is if there is a mutual respect and trust for both the client and the coach to achieve the goals. A partnership (but not the legal kind) is established in order to drive the clients life forwards

The goal is to cultivate a client’s well-being, purpose, competence and awareness through their own self discovery – allowing them to live a flourishing eudaimonic life.

How does ADHD or Autism Coaching differ from regular coaching?

ADHD or Autism coaching is life coaching with a specific ADHD or Autism lens. ADHD or Autistic people have their own unique set of challenges related to their neurology – executive functioning issues, procrastination, task and goal setting issues, time management, and many others. Trained ADHD or Autism Coaches have an understanding of the scientific mechanisms and a deep understanding of how to set achievable and progressive goals with their ADHD or Autism clients.

Education and understanding of how to best achieve their goals while accounting for this unique brain wiring is an essential part of making sure that the coaching relationship is successful. Knowing the limitations and strengths of ADHD or Autism and making allowances for these will provide context and compassion in daily life, and allow each person to achieve their best.

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